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• Your Soul’s KARMIC CHALLENGES to overcome by turning their negative aspects into positive ones
• Your Soul’s TALENTS that help you through challenges or that go against you if you don’t use them
• Your Soul’s GOALS & DESIRES that will lead you to a totally fulfilled life if you achieve them
• Your Soul’s DESTINY & PURPOSE that will manifest if you get on your true Soul’s path

GET A FULL SOUL CONTRACT READING, a powerful and enlightening experience that will clarify your life’s path with confidence, pure joy, and gratitude. Your Soul Contract is unique. It contains specific messages and actions for you to manifest your destiny. Get started today!

FOR A LIMITED TIME:  $196  (Regular Consulting Fee = $997)
Includes a name chart, recording of the session, and action steps!



"Soul Contract Readings are the MOST EFFECTIVE way I have found to get through my most challenging struggles and get into my true Soul’s Purpose. It has TOTALLY changed my entire life and business way beyond any other advice I have received elsewhere. And now I’m on a mission to bring this knowledge to the world. EVERYONE needs to know their Soul Contract to live a life of PURE JOY, LOVE, AND ABUNDANCE!"  ~Jodi R. Netzer, CEO “Creative Energy Organizer” of GoGoKarma™, Certified Soul Contract Reader

"A Soul Contract Reading with Jodi lifts the veils… As you see the pattern of your unique soul unfold before your very eyes, life will make sense in a whole new way, and you will be empowered to step forward with ease and confidence. To know the secret of the self, the architecture of your own soul, is the greatest gift. Jodi is a phenomenal guide." ~ Heather Ivri Turner, Business Architect at Luminary Business Design


 QUESTIONS: 520-333-6977






Clear your heart and mind multi-dimensionally 




This channeled method of healing is based on the Spiritual Law “ask and you shall receive”. It enables the quick and effective identification and clearing of core patterns and thus frees your life force for greater health, connection, and well-being.




• Your soul records and soul programs

• Inherited ancestral patternings

• Unresolved past life issues

• Hidden ego agendas, sabotages, and conflicts

• Blocked energy in the subtle bodies and chakras

• Fear programs

• Interference energies including entities

• Physical, mental and emotional imbalances

• Blocked energy in the organs and glands

• Genetically encoded imprints

• Judgements and negative beliefs

• Shock and trauma


GET A DIVINE HEALING, a deeply effective way to remove negative programs and clear a path to enlightened bliss and ease. NOTE: It is recommended to get your Soul Contract Reading first to know the spiritual map of your Soul.


Divine Healing Session: $196* (Regular Consulting Fee = $997)
* For a limited time! Must have a Soul Contract Reading prior to your first session.


QUESTIONS: 520-333-6977